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31 Oct

“Happiness is anyone and anything that’s loved by you.”

-Charlie Brown


Delayed Caffeine Buzz=Late Night Rambling

29 Oct

Things I like:
Halloween costumes
Fall jackets
Cheap Dresses
Easy exams
Wednesday coffee dates with Ian
Free Starbucks beverages 
Answered prayers 

A couple weeks ago on a gorgeous Autumn Saturday afternoon, my sister and I decided to take a mini road trip through rural Pennsylvania. It started out as a trip down the highway to quaint little Bellefonte for some picture taking and duck feeding. After we had bumbled around there for a while, we hopped back in the car and began driving.

We could have driven down the familiar path, taking in the sights and sounds within our safe haven, knowing exactly where we would end up. But just to make things interesting, I started down an unfamiliar country road, one I was certain would eventually lead us back to where we wanted to be. The further into the woods we drove, the less we were familiar with our surroundings. The more wind-y the roads got, the more exciting it became.

Before we knew it, the winding roads began slanting up, heading up the mountain. Initially, Emily and I were pleased with ourselves for getting lost on purpose. Cruising in the Sub, blasting some tunes with the windows down, it was a sister movie moment.

We knew eventually we would reach the top of the mountain and go back down, and that everything would be alright once we found ourselves on a highway again. But time went on, and there was still no sight of where we were headed. After what seemed like hours had passed, and the roads were as twisty as ever, I began getting a little worried. Was this whole thing such a good idea? Where were we headed? Where were we going to end up? Was everything going to be alright?

All of a sudden, after being underneath the cover of the trees for so long, there was a burst of light and it seemed like the sky just exploded, and this is what we saw….

Fall! 063

It was beautiful. And that was when I knew that everything would be ok. We would find our way down that mountain, and end up safe and sound back in State College. And we did. 

Predictable metaphor? Of course. It’s really hard to take a leap of faith in things out of our reach. Initially, it usually seems like a good idea. But when the reality starts sinking in, and the roads start winding, it’s only natural to begin doubting. Faith begins to dwindle.

But God never fails. He will always bring you back up, even when things need to get murky before it can happen. Just recently I’ve been seeing so many prayers answered, big and small, both in my life and in the lives of those close to me. God is so good.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9)


I hope you are having a fab week! Drop me a comment so I can see if people actually read this. 



25 Oct


Restless and hyped up on caffeine, I was feeling a little antsy. So I roved around town and snapped some pictures.


Downtown. Love the shadow of the tree.




From the car window. 


I think the blur looks kinda neat. That’s really all you see when you come around this turn so fast.


It’s so weird how some areas can still be so colorful…and others not so much.


I hope you had a fabulous weekend! More thoughts to come this week.


“Happy Thursday”

23 Oct

A gorilla riding on a bike wished me Happy Thursday today.

A History of Food

22 Oct


A History of Food. By Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat.

It’s a book that’s been on the back of my mind lately as a staple for every foodie’s library. I may not be up to ‘foodie’ status quite yet, but I decided to check it out of Pattee after seeing a reference to it in one of my textbooks. A daunting 756 pages (no more than a typical Harry Potter, right?!), Toussaint-Samat explains cultural history and information for every kind of food imaginable, with chapters devoted to the history of gathering, dairy produce, cereal, wine, spices, seafood…….I am hooked. 

It’s a little dense for bedtime reading, but I’ve managed to make it through the first chapter about honey, said to be the first ‘real and pure’ food. Among some fascinating facts…

  • Honey had very sacred significance. Bees are the only animal that can create from God’s creation–they obtain nectar from the flowers, which mixes with the enzymes in their system on the way to the hive to miraculously form honey, a pure and untouched substance.
  • The name “Deborah” comes from the Hebrew word for bee, ‘dbure’, coming from the root ‘dbr’, meaning ‘Word’. The name indicates the revealing the Divine Word by the bee, the truth of the untreated honey. Out there, but sweet. Also, “Melissa” is a name that means “She who carries the honey”.
  • There was an Ancient Eastern marriage custom where newlyweds would hold honey in their palms and lick it off each other. This signified that from that point forward, all of their meals would be taken together. The husband’s hand would never rise unless to caress his wife, and only kind words concerning her husband would come out of the wife’s mouth. And this extended far beyond just the honeymoon…….
  • Not only is honey used to signify new life, but it was also greatly used in ancient death rituals. Many people were buried, or even embalmed, in honey to ensure that they would enjoy it in the afterlife. 

This book is awesome, and don’t be surprised if you begin seeing or hearing little factoids popping up in conversation. So anyway….

On the subject of food, I’ll leave you with this photo I snapped today.


I thought I smelled bananas…..

Just Another Week in Happy Valley

21 Oct

In a matter of 7 days, the season has advanced from fall to winter, then back to fall, remnants of the weekend’s snow storm a distant memory.

Fall didn’t become my favorite holiday until college. Up until that point, summer consistently promised kicking back at the pool or in friends basements, earning the title of my favorite season. My summer birthday was always, and still is, fun too. Unlike many other kids, I never had to sit in school on my birthday…. Unfortunately, this also meant I was never officially able to bring in cupcakes for all my classmates to celebrate this fabulous day, unless the teacher was clever enough to devote a day to celebrating summer birthdays in May. But I digress.

Once college began and the concept of walking for 20 minutes to get to class was no longer foreign to me, it was then that I began appreciating the Fall days where it was warm enough to not wear a jacket, but cool enough that I wouldn’t arrive at my class panting and sweating. To step outside and see color all around me. Even a gray and drizzly day is made brighter by the magnificent reds and yellows against the dull sky.


I know there was plenty of excitement and buzz about last weekend’s mini-blizzard, but I was less than pleased. For a season whose life was cut even shorter than SC weather usually permits. One weekend I was driving all around rural PA, the next braving the slushy roads in the trusty Sub. But for now, Fall is back, albeit with a few less trees. So take it in.


Long Time Coming

20 Oct

According to……

 1. bren

Adj – Robust; full flavored; Substantial.

The cup of coffee was bren.

 2. Bren

“The Brenaldo”

Somebody who rules everybody

A prime example would be a king

 3. Bren

1. a cute little guy who loves cupcakes ❤

2. enjoys being stalked by two really beautiful girls.

3. very bouncy

Ursula: “who’s that eating a cupcake over there?”

Tree: oh that’s Bren!


Probably the most difficult thing, after deciding that I might just take on the task of writing a blog and deciding what is interesting enough to write about, was deciding what to call the whole thing. But more on that later.


To detox from a harder-than-expected exam, and with a free afternoon, I headed to Barnes and Noble for some caffeine therapy and inspiration.


Sometimes I arrive at the bookstore in the mood for a particular type of reading (usually trashy magazines that I am too cheap to actually buy), but I really had no rhyme or reason today. I started by putzing through the bargain books, particularly those dealing with food. I took particular interest in “The Cocktail Bible”, which may have been very useful this summer before I attempted to bartend in Bedford.


Four and a half hours later…

I found inspiration in everything; “Budget Traveling”, “Altered Couture”, “Eco Friendly Crafts”, “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York”, “Bed in a Tree (And Other Amazing Hotels from Around the World), and lastly, “Real Simple: Weddings”. So now, not only do I want to do everything I can do avoid schoolwork, but I also want to make crafts, go thrifting, sleep in a dog-shaped bed and breakfast, and get married. Hm.


As far as this blog goes, I’m really not sure what direction I’d like to take with it. This summer, at the end of every day I began writing down good things that had happened that day, no matter how big or how small. In doing that, I really began appreciating the little things, as well as being more aware of them as the day goes on. This isn’t going to be so much a chronicle of my day-to-day events, but rather finding the unique and whimsical qualities about them. And sharing those things with whoever might read this. I believe that every day should be a celebration and that there is so much to find joy in, especially if it has to do with chocolate.


And back to the name thing. People call me Bren. Urban Dictionary tells me three things that Bren means. I thought the first definition seemed appropriate, being that coffee is one of my favorite things (the other being chocolate). I don’t know about “The Brenaldo”—that makes me think of “Where’s Waldo”. And the 3rd definition is just kind of creepy. Although I do love me some cupcakes……


Until next time friends, stay tuned!


PS. Hopefully when I become a little more familiar with this blogging thing I can make it look a little more snazzy.