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8 Dec

Hello friends!

Ok, so first of all, sorry about the half-post that showed up and sat here all weekend. I had started to write one and got distracted in some way or another and left it sitting up in the browser. Apparently my computer thought after it had sat there for 2 days that it was ready to be published. Whoops.

Also, I apologize that I’ve been so quiet for the past week or so. Last week turned out to be much more stressful than I had anticipated and a whole semester’s worth of work crammed itself into that one week. But, luckily I am back to my easiest-semester-ever ways, and have a low key week of relaxation after a fabulous weekend of bopping and singing around DC, and before the crazyness of finals.

I’m always sharing my latest discoveries in music, and last night I saw a show at the State Theatre by an all-female (minus the lovely Canadian fiddle playing and dancing guys) Celtic group called Cherish the Ladies. I’ve never seen show at the State that wasn’t phenomenal, and this was certainly no exception. Performing a mix of Irish jigs and folk songs as well as traditional Christmas songs with an Irish twist, they delivered something unlike I had ever seen before. Just very laid back and fun.

Check them out at    !!!!

Love you all! 

 Today’s message has been brought to you by the Grace Notes.

Winter Concert THIS SATURDAY at Albright Bethune UMC at 530 PM!