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She did WHAT?!

17 Jan

Today, I did the unthinkable. I decided to eliminate Facebook from my life.

I had been contemplating it for awhile, but church today made me finalize that decision. I started thinking about things that were distracting me, most importantly from God, but also from other things–schoolwork, friends, basically anything productive. I got to thinking about how much Facebook and the need to feel connected had taken over my life. It was the first thing I did when I woke up, and the last thing before I went to bed. I couldn’t go a day without logging in, checking up on my friends, and tracking down long lost friends to be filled in on every detail of their lives. I chided people for being “creepers”, but then I noticed how many of my conversations began with “So I saw on Facebook….” or “According to Facebook….” or “I saw that picture on Facebook….”. My mind worked thinking in terms of what my next ‘status’ was going to be. How I was going to put my current emotions into a clever and witty little blurb for everyone to see. Yikes.

After deciding that I was going to do this, my mind was immediatly flooded with reasons why I shouldn’t. “What if I miss out on things? How will I keep in touch? Maybe I’ll keep it but promise not to log on. Except for once a week. To make sure I’m not missing anything. Well, maybe like once a day. Just to catch up. And then I’ll go on being productive.” And then I realized that had been my half-hearted promise for the past few months. There was clearly no other way than to cease the addiction by eliminating it completely.

After pushing ‘deactivate’ and being told that I would be missed by ________, ___________, and ____________ ( a random sample of three ‘friends’ who I haven’t spoken to in who knows how long), was I sure that this was what I wanted to do? The answer is absolutely.

Dang, I feel good.

I hope people still read this, even though it won’t be showing up in everyone’s feed.

Who knows, it might be for a week, it might be for a month. I need the time apart from connectedness to help me be more connected. I want God to be the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep. Instead of catching up online, I’m going to call people. You know, on the phone. And I’ll read books!

Lots of love! And chocolate. 




13 Jan

One of my overall goals for this semester is to determine, or at least begin gaining insight on, what I can do with my life with a Hospitality and English degree. I decided to major in Hotel and Restaurant Management because I love to serve others, and I believe that I have a natural instinct to make people happy and feel welcome. However, the more experience I gain in the industry, I realized that while the rigorous lifestyle that goes with working in an operation is great fun while I am still a young and sprite-ly college student, would I want my career to consist of that? Over the past few months I really began picking up writing again and realized that it was something I had a passion for, and my fabulous boyfriend Ian suggested that I do an English minor.  Right away I went online to print out the paperwork, and within the next few weeks I was registered in the English department. 

While most of my classes last Fall consisted of mainly HRIM courses, this time around they are a little more varied–Finance, Nutrition, Critical Reading, Fiction Writing, and Article Writing. After last semester, I was a feeling a little antsy about the direction my schooling was going. I started questioning if I was in the right major, whether I was really going to use the stuff I was learning, and how I could possibly be in the hospitality industry but not necessarily be a hotel or restaurant manager.  On top of that, my course load kind of dry. I suppose I wasn’t alone in feeling a mid-college slump (right?) but after lots of prayer and talking it over with those close to me, I’ve realized how thankful I am for the education I’ve been receiving. Even if I’m not working in hospitality, that the stuff I’ve learned is useful across the board–whether it’s how to find and hire the right people, accounting skills (hellooooo coffee shop!!!) or just how to work well with others. Also, mixing it up this semester with my English classes, being in different buildings around a different group of people–well, I’m feeling a passion to learn more than ever. Very cool!

For my Article Writing class we have to choose any topic that we want, and throughout the course we will be writing different kinds of articles and in the end we’ll actually submit them places. I’m having trouble coming up with something that I feel is my area of expertise. What do I like?

Cheap Clothes
Local Businesses

Any ideas? 

Also, I’m VERY excited for the Grace Notes this semester. We’re making it a goal to have 20 people this semester, so that we could potentially be an official PSU group. I know it’s reaching high and that it’s ultimately up to God about what will happen, but overall I’m so encouraged by the excitement of everyone in the group. 

I just have an awesome feeling about this Spring!

Please comment if you’re reading. I’d love to know and say hello. 🙂


Oh Hi!

12 Jan

Dear Friend,

It certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it? Christmas Break and all that goes with it–including last minute shopping at Goodwill on Christmas Eve for a .16 cent flower pot for Mom–has distracted me from the world of the blog. How have you been? I hope the wife and kids are doing well. I’ve been quite busy myself, if by busy you mean lazy when it comes to doing productive things. Call it lack of inspiration, absence of my muse, or stubbornness, however, I am turning over a new leaf with this new year. Anyway, I have 2 questions for you, friend:

Question #1. Are you going to start saying ‘twenty-ten’ or continue the ‘two-thousand-ten’ tradition? I myself am not decided on this issue yet. I suppose I’ve been waiting to see what the popular opinion is, but as for now, I am sticking with the old.

Question #2. Did you make any New Years resolutions? I did not. Actually, let me rephrase that. I didn’t make New Years resolutions on New Years Day. I’ve found while going back through recent journals the things that I’ve been meaning to improve, and have slowly been incorporating them into my daily life. I also am daily finding new ideas that I decide are fit for potential resolution material–such as cutting back on my caffeine intake or only using the damaging straightning iron on my hair once a week. (Failed already.)

I hope to be seeing you around more! I plan on keeping up my end of the deal here this time around. Perhaps I can extend my readership beyond just the folks that are my friend on Facebook.






That was a nice tree.