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Red Shoes on a Gray Day

30 Mar

If you know me at all, you know that I am always looking for ways to make cold, windy, gross days fabulous.

Well, maybe 1/3 of the time.

OK, so every once in a blue moon I decide that a dreary day does not give me the right to bum around in sweatpants, skip the gym, and be perpetually cranky. Today, however, was different. I decided to wear my red heels. Which, obviously, would transform the gray clouds into rays of sunshine, would brighten the faces I passed (“What? That girl’s wearing red heels? Well that just makes my day!”), and would probably make cause for an impromptu dance scene a la 500 Days of Summer, really.

Cool. Comfortable. Classy. That’s me, as I strut to my car.

Dang, I realize as I rev up the Sub, It’s hard to drive in these shoes.

Still feeling good when I return to campus. It’s a little more chilly than I thought it was. The light breezy coat that I had decided on wasn’t blocking the gusts of wind, which caused some issues with standing on itsy bitsy 2-centimeter platforms. Nearly fell over a few times. Whoops, no worries, I’m fine!

Never mind the wobbles. Sometimes it’s just hard being fabulous. As a heel slips into a sidewalk crack and makes me stumble a bit.

2:30 PM. Just walked across campus in these oh-so-cool and oh-so comfortable shoes. I always forget how far away this building is. Clip-clopped into class a little late because I needed a caffeine pit stop. I hate how everyone looks up when they hear the clip-clop of high heels. What, you think someone important is coming?

3:45 PM. Crap. Still gotta walk all the way home now. Maybe if I walk fast enough my feet will go numb and then I won’t even feel the pain anymore. But for real, this is making me stronger. Before I know it I could be able to run a marathon in heels if I wanted to. It just takes building up the endurance and strength.

Goodbye grunge.....hellooooo wonderful. Right?

Have I really only been walking for 30 seconds?

Is it just me, or are people looking at me with looks of pity on their faces? “Poor, silly girl. Who wears those things just for fun?”

I think tomorrow I’ll wear slippers.



Some Things I Learned This Week.

26 Mar

1. Contrary to popular belief, drinking mass quantities of coffee does not make me want to study more. It gives me energy to do everything BUT study. The same goes for chocolate and Girl Scout Cookies. Although I guess this is nothing new to me, so anyway…

2. Cutting my own bangs doesn’t, and will never, turn out like I wanted it to.

3. Sunshine turns me into a whole new person. A person who doesn’t live in sweatpants.

4. I should appreciate the here and now, because I spend too much time thinking that ‘life will be better when….’ a) I have an apartment and a kitchen**, b) when I’m 21, c) I get married. d) When I don’t have to do school, etc etc. My last year in college is rapidly approaching,and if I don’t enjoy it all for what it is, I’ll look back and … sad?

**However, my happiness will increase tenfold when I can bake anytime I want.



Early Birthday Planning

25 Mar

I’m doing some early planning for my 21st birthday.

I’ve decided I only want two things.

1. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures since I started this blog, and I would love an upgrade so I can take some legit pictures. I know anyone who’s a real photographer likes to look down on folks who pretend like they can take nice pictures, but it’s only because they have a nice camera. Well, photographers, I aspire to be that person. So there.

I don’t care if it’s used (in fact, I prefer it because it’s way cheaper), and I wouldn’t even mind chipping in some of my own money. Mom and Dad, you reading? ūüôā

2. A chocolate dome cake from Wegmans.

Doesn’t this baffle you? What is it made of?

That is all.

Also, Jackie Chan just sang on Ellen. I’m amazed.

I have a feeling it’s not going to be a productive day.

Love, Bren

Happy Monday

22 Mar

Something to help fight off the Monday Meeps.

Saved on my computer as....Laurence.

Long Weekend

20 Mar

As far as I’m concerned, my weekend started on Wednesday.

Wednesday evening was the highly antipated MICHAEL BUBLE concert in Pittsburgh and it was an incredible show. Obviously I knew Michael was going to amazing (both to listen to and to look at) and he didn’t fail to impress as he sang mostly songs from his new album, Crazy Love, but also threw in favorites from previous albums. Not only was it refreshing to hear that he sounds just as great in person as he does on recordings, but his personality that came out in between songs really showed that he’s a humble person who loves and appreciates his fans. Not into himself, or a sauve smooth-talker, like I kind of expected. An AWESOME Christian acapella group called Naturally 7 opened up the show which was an unexpected but fantastic way to start the concert. You gotta check them out……they’re definitely one of the best in acapella I’ve heard.

The beautiful weather this week has made going to class a nearly impossible task. I stayed strong until Wednesday, but after returning from the overnight in Pittsburgh, Thursday was spent outside on the grass alternating between reading for English 200 and snoozing. Mom and Dad, you can skip that last sentence and pretend like you never saw it.

I’ve been sick of my clothes, so I embarked on a long overdue trip to Goodwill on today’s lazy Saturday afternoon. Kind of hit the jackpot. Here are some of my favorite finds from today:

Adorable flowery dress. Cute with a belt. Didn't get away quick enough for the self timer...

Definitely my favorite. It fits perfectly and has a fabulous swirl when you spin in I just need an occasion.....

Fabulous red shoes to top it off.

I couldn’t decide if buying shoes at Goodwill was sketchy. But they were so cute. And so red. I decided that despite the sketchiness, I would buy them anyway. And so I did.

What a man, what a mighty good man.

I knew it was going to be a good weekend when it started with surprise flowers. ūüôā

Lots of love! And red things.


Spring Break Happenings and PacMan Pie

14 Mar

What a week it has been!

Can't never be without my caf.

The boy and I ventured on a mini-vacation for the first part of Spring Break to Allentown to visit the aunts and fam, and then to Philly where we experienced Body Worlds at the Franklin Institute, a cheesesteak from both Geno’s and Pat’s to decide which one was better (the verdict: Geno’s), typical tourist stop at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, coffee at the Reading Terminal Market, heavenly hot chocolate at Naked Chocolate, a stop in Tiffany’s, and finally dinner with Ian’s cousin. And tons of walking in between.

Hot chocolate like you've never seen it before.....

The trip home included a stop at one of those places where every time you pass, you wonder “What is that place?” Well, Roadside America in Shartlesville, PA is one of those places. The World’s Greatest Indoor Miniature Train Village, to be exact. Wowwee!! For just six bucks, one is amazed by the flashing lights, whirring trains, and amazingly detailed little houses and people.¬†

God bless America......

And because there hasn’t been enough bad-for-you food consumed over the past few days, Ian and I decided to use some mushy bananas and attempt a banana cream pie. And by attempt, I mean create a kick-ass banana and pudding and oatmeal crust creation that is not unlike taking a little bite of heaven.



Oh my stars, it looks like Pacman.

An oatmeal and brown sugar crust (with just a little bit of butter, HA) with mashed up bananas and creamy homemade pudding on top. Making pudding is hard. I may have gotten a little flustered in the process. But all ended well. 

And now it’s back to real life. 6 more weeks to go until the end of the semester, and then 2 months of summer until I’m 21 and can finally feel like a real grown-up. Take out sleeping, showers, transportation….it’s like 20 minutes, really.

Lots of love!!


Only in PA….

7 Mar

…..would you travel an hour and a half to an acre-large smorgasboard restaurant/gift shop in the middle of a field…..


¬†¬†Introducing the Country Cupboard, whose brochure boasts “Country cooking ¬†so good you can almost taste it with your eyes”. Ian and I hopped along for a double date with my parents for a fine Sunday lunch and drive through small town Pennsylvania.


The miles- long buffet is ¬†definitely worth the drive, ¬†and who doesn’t love ¬†browsing among typical ¬†gaudy¬†souvenirs, candles, ¬†fudge, coffee, flowers, jewelry, Christmas decor, and furniture while the rumbly in¬†your¬†tumbly from all that home-cookin’ settles?

Sounds perfect to me.

And of course the car ride home provides ample time for Sunday naps. A-plus!


It’s going to be quiet here for the next few days while I embark on a road trip with the boy until Wednesday. Pictures and stories to follow!

I had 93 views on the blog in one day last week! (And that’s not even counting my own visits!) Thanks to all of you who are reading, and as always, drop me a line and say hello!¬†


Lots of love and home cooked meals.