Red Shoes on a Gray Day

30 Mar

If you know me at all, you know that I am always looking for ways to make cold, windy, gross days fabulous.

Well, maybe 1/3 of the time.

OK, so every once in a blue moon I decide that a dreary day does not give me the right to bum around in sweatpants, skip the gym, and be perpetually cranky. Today, however, was different. I decided to wear my red heels. Which, obviously, would transform the gray clouds into rays of sunshine, would brighten the faces I passed (“What? That girl’s wearing red heels? Well that just makes my day!”), and would probably make cause for an impromptu dance scene a la 500 Days of Summer, really.

Cool. Comfortable. Classy. That’s me, as I strut to my car.

Dang, I realize as I rev up the Sub, It’s hard to drive in these shoes.

Still feeling good when I return to campus. It’s a little more chilly than I thought it was. The light breezy coat that I had decided on wasn’t blocking the gusts of wind, which caused some issues with standing on itsy bitsy 2-centimeter platforms. Nearly fell over a few times. Whoops, no worries, I’m fine!

Never mind the wobbles. Sometimes it’s just hard being fabulous. As a heel slips into a sidewalk crack and makes me stumble a bit.

2:30 PM. Just walked across campus in these oh-so-cool and oh-so comfortable shoes. I always forget how far away this building is. Clip-clopped into class a little late because I needed a caffeine pit stop. I hate how everyone looks up when they hear the clip-clop of high heels. What, you think someone important is coming?

3:45 PM. Crap. Still gotta walk all the way home now. Maybe if I walk fast enough my feet will go numb and then I won’t even feel the pain anymore. But for real, this is making me stronger. Before I know it I could be able to run a marathon in heels if I wanted to. It just takes building up the endurance and strength.

Goodbye grunge.....hellooooo wonderful. Right?

Have I really only been walking for 30 seconds?

Is it just me, or are people looking at me with looks of pity on their faces? “Poor, silly girl. Who wears those things just for fun?”

I think tomorrow I’ll wear slippers.



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