How to Survive Finals, Bren-Style:

28 Apr

Finals season is upon us, and hunkering down to complete the semester has become as challenging as it is to get a table at Starbucks. Lucky for you, you are in the exclusive bunch who get to tap into my thoughts a few days week, and I have some new and exciting methods to get you college kiddos through the next few weeks, and for a small fee*, I will share them with you.

*Payment methods accepted: Cash, Check, Hugs, Kisses, Chocolate, New Clothes, Clementines, and Pretty Jewelry.

1. Abide by the 3 C’s: Coffee, Chocolate, and Cursing.
Obviously desperate times call for excessive caffeine consumption. While you’re waiting for the coffee to kick in and getting in the zone plowing ahead on your work, you don’t even realize that those danged mini chocolate eggs leftover from Easter magically pop into your mouth, one after another. Once you are sufficiently caffeinated and sugar-buzzed, you may work at lightning speed, but you’re also to a point of irritability where everything just makes you want to swear. Just for this week, it’s OK. Have at least one breakdown. Call your mom. Cry if you must. But then take a deep breath, another swig of coffee, and keep going (and don’t curse too loud when you can’t fall asleep at night because your mind is racing).

2. Stay in the moment.
Don’t think about summer. It’s a common misconception that when, in the midst of finals that make you want to pull your hair out and kick small animals, you should keep your eye on the prize and think about the fabulous, relaxing days of summer that are to come. But really, what good does thinking about how swell life will be in two weeks do for you right at this moment? Personally, it just makes me cranky that my current situation is not sleeping in and sipping margaritas on the beach. Plus, you then start reminiscing about summers past, and then you get on Facebook to look at old pictures, and then you notice that everyone in the world is suddenly engaged, and then you go on and just do some browsin’ and before you know it an hour has passed, and…oh, what’s that you say? Not everyone does that? Carry on….

3. If you can’t focus, use your energy in another productive way
Take your restlessness and put it to good use by dusting months of grime on your furniture, running around outside, playing with puppies, doing cartwheels…by the time you’re done you’ll be too tired to do any real work, but at least you have something to show for your distractions.

4. Don’t look outside.
Pick out whatever you can about the weather that makes being outside the most undesirable thing when compared to studying. For example, “Yes, the sun is shining, but it is just so darn windy that I DEFINITELY wouldn’t want to be out there right now. Because it would mess up my hair”. Or, “It may look nice and sunny now, but it’ll probably rain.”  “Never mind that I’ve had zero physical activity in the past 3 days. I don’t want to go play tennis anyway.” You get the idea. Effective? Not really. But reading that has put off your schoolwork even more, which is really what led you here in the first place, right?

What are your tried and true methods of buckling down? I think I could use some new ones….


Next Time: How NOT to get work done. Exhibit A: Failed attempts at spinning-in-a-pretty-dress self portraits.



One Response to “How to Survive Finals, Bren-Style:”

  1. Han April 28, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    Good luck!! 🙂

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