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Darn You Sally Forth.

17 May

Yesterday, Sally Forth shot me down with this lovely comic in the Sunday paper.

(Kindly click to enlarge and read. It’s an important part of the following rant.)

Well thank you Sally. Of all days I decide to actually take the time and read your nonsense and your not funny life with your lame witicisms, you totally take my hopes and dreams of having a productive summer and fart on them. I WILL journal every day and I WILL NOT worry about baseless fears or ill-defined concerns. I WILL get things done. And I will NOT curse my own name come December, because it’s going to be the best summer ever! Gosh darnit.

Here are some of my goals for the summer. And they’re way better than silly Sally’s:

1. Do well in class. (Yes, boring. But necessary.)

2. Don’t spend money on dumb things. (Definition of ‘dumb’ will be decided on a case-by-case basis.)

3. Work out every day after class. (If the dang gym is actually open when it’s convenient for me.)

4. Do abs every day. With my 80’s Throwback 8-Minute-Abs friend. (As long as he promises to make me look like those girls in the video.)

5. Buy new swimsuit for inspiration.

6. Tackle the 50 Banned Books That Everyone Should Read that I found on Google.

7. Learn how to cook and not freak out.

Summer Result: Bren has the best summer ever.

That’s all.



3 May

  Bren is finishing up her Junior year of college. 

If she makes it through the week in one piece, get excited for a new chapter in A Swell Cup of Bren… 

A Fabulous Summer. 

See you all in a week. 



Only chocolate will get me through.