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Only in PA….

7 Mar

…..would you travel an hour and a half to an acre-large smorgasboard restaurant/gift shop in the middle of a field…..


  Introducing the Country Cupboard, whose brochure boasts “Country cooking  so good you can almost taste it with your eyes”. Ian and I hopped along for a double date with my parents for a fine Sunday lunch and drive through small town Pennsylvania.


The miles- long buffet is  definitely worth the drive,  and who doesn’t love  browsing among typical  gaudy souvenirs, candles,  fudge, coffee, flowers, jewelry, Christmas decor, and furniture while the rumbly in your tumbly from all that home-cookin’ settles?

Sounds perfect to me.

And of course the car ride home provides ample time for Sunday naps. A-plus!


It’s going to be quiet here for the next few days while I embark on a road trip with the boy until Wednesday. Pictures and stories to follow!

I had 93 views on the blog in one day last week! (And that’s not even counting my own visits!) Thanks to all of you who are reading, and as always, drop me a line and say hello! 


Lots of love and home cooked meals.